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Coaching Tools is where coaches can utilized resources to assist them in gaining knowledge, their growth and making their coaching sessions an enjoyable, learning experience for themselves and their players.

Coaching tools take many forms including tangible exercises, worksheets, templates, activities, Videos, materials, and resources that Coaches can utilized.. They assist Coaches to move forward and achieve their dreams and goals professionally.

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Batting Strategy

Coaching implications of the lateral batting back lift technique in men’s cricket: A discussion and food for thought Abstract Cricket

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Athlete Development

Why do you need agility in cricket?
In modern cricket the ability to change direction quickly, running between the wickets, catching and chasing ball need agility. Hence in modern cricket agility plays an important role as far as performance is concerned.

Agility Video

Hand Eye Coordination

What is Hand Eye Coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to perform movements with the hands while being guided by the eyes. One’s hands and sight work together to be able to do things that require speed and accuracy (such as catching or hitting a ball). Hand eye coordination improves reaction, increases productivity, enhances life skills and helps with child development

Hand Eye Coordination Video

Batting Drills

Hand Eye Coordination
Back Foot Defence Check Points
Back Foot Defence Shot Drills
Eye Coordination
On Drive Check Points
On Drive Drills