High Performance

Cricket Namibia introduced the new High-performance pipeline program on the 14th August 2023. The aim of the pipeline is to provide clear guidance to players and parents on selection and participation in various Cricket Namibia squads, with the end goal of producing higher quality cricketers for the U19 and men’s national cricket teams.

There will be 3 Youth Performance age groups: U14, U16 and U19. Players can be selected and placed into any of the below structures based on performance. Players can move up or down in these structures.

How it works

  1. A player gets scouted by Cricket Namibia HP coaches, based on performance in various school competitions and the National week.
  2. Identified players are then placed into the talent ID group and gets invited to camps for further evaluation and assessment.
  3. If the player shows the required progress and development over a period, they can be placed into the HP monitoring group.
  4. Through the HP monitoring group, a player can earn a place in the HP training squad.

The four different Silo’s

1. Talent ID players

(a) These are players identified through existing cricket structures.

(b) Based on stats but not limited to stats alone.

2. High Performance Camps

(a) Per invitation only

(b) Focuses on coastal and northern regional development.

3. High Performance Monitoring Group

(a) Players receive specific skill work or guidance via our communication platform.

(b) Players will have access to services that are able to educate and provide information on a wide range of cricket related topics.

4. High Performance Training Group

(a) Players receive regular hands-on training.

(b) The squad is limited to 15 players per age group from around the country.

(c) Training will take place at various venues.

(d) The U19 HP training group can include more than 15 players when preparing for specific competitions e.g., World Cup Qualifier.

Key principles:

  • Selection to any of the groups is at the sole discretion of the High-Performance Manager.
  • Players can move up or down within the system at any stage during the year.
  • To earn a place within a higher HP training group:
    • A player outperforms their competition within the same role.
  • Players can move down within the system:
    • If they fail to adhere to the monitoring and tracking process.
    • For disciplinary reasons.
    • If a player is being outperformed by their competition within the same role.
HP Pipeline 1