Committee Structure, Trials & Info

School Committee


The schools committee structure is introduced to work better with all schools, streamline communication and administration processes, involve schools in decision making and administer regional trials.



The basic structure entails: The country will be divided into four (4) regions (Coastal, North, Central and South-East). Each region will have an Ashburton Mini-Cricket, Primary Schools and High Schools Committee. Every cricket playing school must have a representative on each of these committees. Each committee determine their own chairperson. The Chairperson of each Regional Committee will serve on a National Committee with Cricket Namibia.


Northern Schools Committee

RegionNameEmailContact NumberSchool
Ashburton Mini CricketCarmin Liebenberg[email protected] 081 292 9226Moria - Outjo
Primary School CricketWayne Liebenberg[email protected] 081 127 4225Agri College - Grootfontein
High School CricketBakkies Grobbelaar[email protected]081 275 3045Tsumeb Gymnasium
National representativeWilhelm Tuhafeni[email protected] 081 882 4169Cricket Namibia

Coastal Schools Committee

RegionNameEmailContact NumberSchool
Ashburton Mini CricketJurie Engelbrecht[email protected]081 459 2102Pro-Ed Swakopmund
Primary School CricketLlewellyn Manale[email protected]081 712 6163 Dolphins - Walvis Bay
High School CricketMorné Rust[email protected]081 128 8123WBPHS - Walvis Bay
National representativeWaynand Viljoen[email protected]081 447 1837Walvis Bay Primary School

Central Schools Committee

RegionNameEmailContact NumberSchool
Ashburton Mini CricketJP Archer[email protected]081 390 3804Parkies - WHK
Primary School CricketEveleen Getzen[email protected]081 307 9565St George's - WHK
High School CricketJasper Engelbrecht[email protected]081 209 7111WAP - WHK
National representativeMauritz Thirion[email protected]081 592 7354Whk Gymnasium - WHK

South & Eastern Schools Committee

RegionNameEmailContact NumberSchool
National representativeTony Tripodi[email protected]081 146 5663Gobabis Gymnasium

Cricket Namibia’s aim is to assist schools through pro-active planning, high level administration, capacity development of their staff and infrastructure development in order to increase playing opportunity of all learners and schools and believe that this structure will lead to the intended consequence.


School Players