General Information​

What is the initiative about?

Kwata Cricket offer all young children, boys and girls, the opportunity to be exposed to the game of mini-cricket in a fun and harmless environment. Unambiguously developed for young children Ashburton Kwata Cricket encompasses a simplified form of cricket which includes activities and games.

Kwata Cricket utilizes softballs and only basic cricket equipment. It can easily be played on any reasonable level surface; no prescribed field is needed. Hence Kwata Cricket can easily be introduced into any community. Development coaches work in partnership with local schools and teachers to Implement Kwata cricket.

What do we want to see?

Kwata Cricket aims to lay the foundation for a lifelong interest in cricket as well as imparting the many life skills and principles in sports. These life skills and principles include respect, discipline, teamwork, self-esteem and decision-making skills which all contributes to childhood development.

Who are we targeting?

Ashburton Kwata Cricket Initiative is being implemented throughout the country, and is being introduced to young boys and girls, in grade 1 – 4. The games of Kwata Cricket are regularly featured in the physical education classes in participating schools. Many of the targeted schools are located within the poorer communities. Around 10 000 children are currently participating in Kwata Cricket activities on a weekly basis

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