Sponsorship Announcement with Pupkewitz Toyota

Cricket Namibia is pleased to partner with Pupkewitz Toyota for sponsorship of two vehicles. The use of the vehicles is for daily operations specifically to enable our roving groundsmen, to assist our club and community fields through regular maintenance and upliftment.

Despite the tough economic challenges facing Namibia, Pupkewitz Toyota decided to support them in the run-up to the T20 World Cup in October, by sponsoring two vehicles for an initial period of 12 months, with the option to extend it for a further twelve months.

Anton Westraad of Pupkewitz Toyota said they were keen to make a difference.

“It is our firm belief that although we cannot change the country’s overall state overnight, each one of us can make a small change in our respective areas of influence, and that the sum of all these initiatives can indeed change our country for the best,” he said.

“When Namibia’s cricket team qualified for the T20 World Cup to be hosted in Australia in October 2020, we started asking ourselves the question: how can we support our team in the run up to the World Cup,” he added.

Towards the end of 2019 they entered into negotiations with Cricket Namibia, which led to yesterday’s agreement.

The vehicles will be used by Cricket Namibia’s CEO Johan Muller as well as a groundsman employed by Cricket Namibia.

Muller thanked Pupkewitz Toyota for their support.

“Sport is about passion and to get the people of Namibia behind our team. Our national team will be playing a lot of matches this year so we hope that you will receive good mileage,” he said.



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