New Sponsor iNova supports the U19 Girls ahead of the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier

Cricket Namibia and new Capricorn Eagles sponsor, iNova sends off u19 National Women’s team ahead of the ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup Qualifier set to kick off in Botswana on September 3rd. The Namibia U19 Girls is among nine teams battling for the final spot at the ICC Women’s U19 T20 World Cup to be held in South Africa in January 2023.

National Women’s head coach, Francois van der Merwe: “We have come a long way since my appointment, I would like to thank Cricket Namibia board members, staff and our new sponsor iNova. We are grateful for your sponsorship towards our National Women’s team, and now supporting the U19 girls team for the World Cup Qualifier tour, we feel like proper athletes which makes a huge difference.”

,Cricket Namibia CEO, Johan Muller: “We are wishing the U19 team all the best for the tournament and we believe they will represent Namibia with good cricket spirit throughout the tournament. Namibia is behind you as a team, go express yourselves, forget the pressure and enjoy the tour.”

Namibian agent for iNova, Ian Smith: “We are glad and honored to partner with Cricket Namibia through the Capricorn Eagles and now supporting the U19 players. We wish the team all the best for the tournament, come back a better athlete and go make us proud! Everyone at iNova is passionate about what they do. Good is never good enough when you are striving for greatness. We wish the athletes and teams all the best in their strive for greatness.”

SQUAD: Mekelaye Mwatile, Maria Nguali, Naomi Benjamin, Edelle van Zyl (c), Hertha Kaukungwa, Alice Kaukungwa, Kaylee van Wyk, Kayli Nel, Engela van der Merwe, Saima Tuhadeleni, Antone Boshoff, Mezerly !Gorases, Jessica Moolman, Jorinda Fourie

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Saturday 3rd September

9:30am (BCA 1) Rwanda vs Nigeria

9:30am (BCA 2) Uganda vs Namibia

2:00pm (BCA 1)Sierra Leone vs Botswana

2:00pm (BCA 2) Tanzania vs Mozambique

Sunday 4th September

9:30am (BCA 1) Botswana vs Namibia

9:30am (BCA 2) Mozambique vs Malawi

2:00pm (BCA 1) Nigeria vs Tanzania

2:00pm (BCA 2) Sierra Leone vs Uganda

Monday 5th September Rest Day

Tuesday 6th September

9:30am (BCA 1) Botswana vs Uganda

9:30am (BCA 2) Namibia vs Sierra Leone

2:00pm (BCA 1) Rwanda vs Malawi

2:00pm (BCA 2) Nigeria vs Mozambique

Wednesday 7th September

9:30am (BCA 1) Malawi vs Tanzania

2:00pm (BCA 1) Mozambique vs Rwanda

Thursday 8th September Rest Day

Friday 9th September

9:30am (BCA 1) Tanzania vs Rwanda

9:30am (BCA 2) Malawi vs Nigeria

Saturday 10th September

9:30am (BCA 1) Semi Final 1

B2 vs A1

2:00pm (BCA 1) Semi Final 2

A2 vs B1

Sunday 11th September Rest Day

Monday 12th September
9:30am (BCA 1) Winner Semi Final 1 vs Winner Semi Final 2

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