National Men’s Coach – Understudy

Based on our commitment and drive to develop Namibian Citizens, Cricket Namibia has the need to appoint an understudy to the National Men’s Coach.


The purpose is to develop a Namibian citizen who might be in line to succeed the existing National Coach after the completion of his contract.

  1. The current contract period of the National coach continues until April 2023.
  2. This provides Cricket Namibia with a two-year window to develop the best fit Namibian to succeed in this role.
  3. This selection of an Under-study however does not guarantee appointment when the position becomes available.
  4. The selected understudy must commit to comply with development opportunities provided and be willing to contribute personal time to this process.
  5. No remuneration will be provided for this position.
  6. Cricket Namibia will provide opportunities for the understudy to grow and develop knowledge and potential.


Cricket Namibia will provide the following opportunities for the highest qualified, most experienced candidate with the best person-job fit:
1) To work with our current National Head coach and coaching staff.
2) To work first-hand with the National team.
3) To be involved in International Tournaments.
4) To attend International certified coaching courses and various other learning opportunities.


The role of the Under-study is predominantly created for a candidate to receive on the job training from International coaches on how to work with high-level International players.

  1. The Under-study will within reasonable expectation and as existing job responsibilities allow, assist the National coach with:
  • Coaching sessions
  • Inter-squad games
  • Tournaments
  1. The Under-study will be given the responsibility to lead various practices and sessions as part of his/her development.
  2. The Under-study will assist during home-based Internal Tournaments.
  3. The Under-study must attend International coaching courses and other training opportunities to develop various required skills for this position.

There is no remuneration for this position since the aim of the position is to develop the right candidate for possible appointment.
Application process:
Candidates must submit their relevant resumes, with certificates of all relevant qualifications and two references to the CEO of Cricket Namibia ( The closing date for applicants is 8 February 2021.

*Only applicants with suited coaching qualification(s) and experience will be considered.
*Through submission of this application every applicant commits his time and effort for a two-year period towards this program.

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