#Cricket4All Campaign

Cricket Namibia rollout #Cricket4All campaign providing access to the game and promoting career opportunities within cricket.

Cricket Namibia’s overarching strategy is to promote awareness of cricket activities and successes. Driving Namibian inclusivity in our programs has been a focus for Cricket Namibia and thus we created the #Cricket4All campaign providing access to the game and promoting various career opportunities within cricket. Being visible in 14 regions of Namibia, having more than 20 000 players playing regular matches played in 2022 is a success story worth sharing. Our drive for inclusivity in the game and making the Namibian child part of the cricket dream is our objective. Our vision is to be the sport of choice in the country thus we donated over 90 sets of mini-cricket equipment to ensure the game is made accessible to the Namibian child in the active 29 towns, 86 schools and 184 coaches we trained countrywide in 2022.

Cricket Namibia CEO, Johan Muller: “Career opportunities within cricket range from being a scorer, umpire, coaching, team liaison officer(s), administration, internship opportunities in Sports and Events Management, and job shadowing. Being a cricket fan, having access to the game, and considering career opportunities within cricket are just some of the options to get on this cricket journey with us. With Cricket Namibia having 45 fully employed staff, we are proud to have created career opportunities so far; we have 54 umpires that earn an income from umpiring cricket matches at different levels and 60 scorers. Many of our scorers paid for their studies from this career opportunity and some are breadwinners for their families. We want to promote cricket as a sport for everyone in Namibia to be part of.  Our campaign does not only focus on male cricket, our women’s program has grown more than 35% each year the past three years. Our Capricorn Eagles and under-19 girls program is successful because of the access to cricket in Kuisebmond. We continue to expand the game at all levels in our 14 regions to reach our ultimate goal. We are proud to announce today that cricket is inclusive and is a sport all Namibians can be part of.”

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