Cricket Namibia Triumphs at the Namibia Annual Sports Awards

At the heart of Cricket Namibia’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to be a professional and inclusive sport of choice. This dedication was celebrated and acknowledged at the recent Namibia Sports Awards, a highly anticipated annual event hosted by the Namibia Sports Commission. We are thrilled to share that Cricket Namibia emerged as a shining star, reaffirming its position as a professional sports body of utmost distinction. Cricket Namibia won the Federation of the Year Award and Development Program of the Year Award.

The awards ceremony took place at the iconic MTC Dome Namibia in Swakopmund on the 28th of October. This grand event provided a platform to celebrate the remarkable growth and excellence in sports in Namibia, and Cricket Namibia was right at the forefront of this celebration. For the second consecutive year, we proudly took home the prestigious Federation of the Year Award, a testament to our relentless pursuit of sporting greatness.

We take pride in our business-minded approach, one that has professionalized the sport of cricket in Namibia. This approach has not only set a high standard for our fellow sports bodies but has also made cricket more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Our governance, player performance, and operational effectiveness have set us apart from other sports organizations in Namibia. The dedication and professionalism exhibited by the Cricket Namibia office are unmatched, and we continue to work diligently to further enhance our governance, build stronger relationships with stakeholders, and facilitate the growth of the game across the nation.

Kwata Cricket Program – A Development Triumph

Cricket Namibia’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional arena. Our Ashburton Kwata Mini-Cricket Program has been recognized as the Development Program of the Year for two consecutive years. Initially designed to be implemented at public schools, this program has seen significant growth.

Now, children are spotted playing cricket in the streets and communal areas. It’s heartening to note that many of the schools targeted by this program are situated in less advantaged communities, and over 120,000 children are currently participating in Kwata cricket program. The program has been extended to 29 towns across 14 regions of the country, using cricket as a means to engage and uplift communities. The program has become a powerful tool to increase awareness and participation in cricket across Namibia.

Cricket Namibia’s accolades at the Namibia Annual Sports Awards are not merely a reflection of our competitive accomplishments. They also stand as an acknowledgment of our unwavering dedication to upholding the values of sports excellence and sportsmanship in every facet of our operation. We remain committed to our mission to be a globally competitive, professional, value based, and inclusive Namibian sport of choice.

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