Cricket Namibia Announce Airlink as New Airline Partner

Cricket Namibia and Airlink have today officially announced a partnership that will support Cricket Namibia’s traveling expenses and promote the Airlink brand locally and internationally. 

The agreement, which was announced today at the Airlink Windhoek City Town Office, will see both partners supporting each other and offering branding opportunities across marketing channels for the next few months until the MOU comes to an end.

This partnership will allow Airlink access to the cricket corporate community and increase exposure and brand visibility for the airline during the Richelieu Eagles international games hosted in Namibia. Overall, this partnership is a strategic move for both Cricket Namibia and Airlink to achieve their goals.

Cricket Namibia CEO, Johan Muller: “We are pleased to have a barter agreement with Airlink and think the alliance will be advantageous to both parties. We will continue to make use of their first-rate services for flights between Namibia and South Africa, and we will do everything we can to promote the Airlink brand. Being in the sporting industry, collaborating with organizations like Airlink is crucial. The sporting world is improved by barter agreements because we do not always have access to financial support easily. Through these agreements, you can swap services and save operational costs. These kinds of alliances are crucial to our ability to compete on a global scale, as we have in previous years.”

“Namibia is an important and valuable market for Airlink and we are proud to deepen our investment in the country by going in to bat for Cricket Namibia.   Cricket is all about focus, agility, tenacity and strategic placement of the ball and players. These attributes reflect Airlink’s values and its approach by providing the greatest choices, flexibility and quality service to the communities, markets and economies that it connects,” explained Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster.

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