Capricorn Eagles, Yasmeen Khan onto Fairbreak

Capricorn Eagles’ vice-captain, Yasmeen Khan once again makes headlines and remains the only Namibian women’s player to feature in the Global Fairbreak tournament scheduled to be hosted in Hong Kong in April 2023.

Khan will be playing for the Warriors alongside big cricket stars in women’s cricket, the likes of Hayley Matthews from West Indies, Mignon du Preez from South Africa and Amanda Wellington from Australia.

Get to know Yasmeen Khan

“I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design and Photography in 2022 and I spend most of my time playing cricket. I play for Zebras Cricket Club in Windhoek, for Durbanville Cricket Club in Cape Town and I proudly play for my country, Namibia.”

“My dad introduced me to the game of cricket. He is Pakistani so I grew up watching him play a lot of cricket with the Pakistani cricket community in Windhoek. I started playing more cricket at 10 years old, I always enjoyed the backyard game with my siblings and friends.”

“Most of my memories growing up include playing cricket with boys, but one of my greatest memories is when our under-13 Invitational Namibia girls team played against Botswana and I was 11 years old at the time. I remember being nervous, but that was when my cricket passion sparked. It was an eye-opener and I then understood that everyone can play cricket regardless of gender.”

“Cricket has taught me about patience, discipline, success as well as how to manage losing. It shaped me into the person I am today, but one thing I recently learned is that the game does not define me as a person. Cricket gave me a second family and an opportunity to meet incredible people.”

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What was your experience at the previous Fairbreak tour?
Fairbreak was an amazing experience to say the least. Playing with world-class international players and soaking up every bit of knowledge and experience I can, was just unbelievable. Most days I woke up still feeling like I was living in a dream.

Describe cricket in one sentence.
Cricket is a “beautiful beast” – we hate that we love it so much, because it really is such an obsession for cricketers.

What is your ultimate cricket dream?
My dream is to play professional cricket at an elite level. It may take few years, but I will try my best to achieve my goal and fulfill my dream.

What are you most excited about this coming Fairbreak tour?
I am excited to get together with the Warriors (the same team I played for in the previous tournament) and improve on our performance from last year. This year’s tournament is taking place in Hong Kong, and I am extremely excited to experience the competitive level of cricket this year. It can only get better.

What were your special moments during the Fairbreak tour?

A special moment was when all participating players in the tournament stood on the field dressed in our playing kit with all the respective country flags on the back of our shirts. This gave me so much pride and joy to be amongst players representing their countries in a prestigious event like Fairbreak.

Any players you are looking forward to facing or play with?
I am certainly looking forward to play with all my Warrior teammates. I am not so sure whether I am looking forward to it especially after seeing Chamari Athapaththu smashing bowlers at the previous tournament. Hopefully she does not come too hard on the Warriors.

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