Women’s Week

Cricket Namibia hosted a very successful Women’s week in Walvisbay. It was a great opportunity to identify girls in various age groups as well as to see the depth for the National team. It was great to see that the majority of the national squad players performed really well at the tournament with both bat and ball. Recognition was given to all the top performers at the tournament and here are the awards winners:

Pool A
Leading run scores

  1. Edelle van Zyl 164 runs
  2. Bianca Manuel 139 runs
  3. Alice Kaukungwa 126 runs
  4. Eveleen Kejarukua 94 runs
  5. Ané Boshoff 83 runs

Leading wicket takers

  1. Alice Kaukungwa 10 wickets
  2. Riani Esterhuizen 9 wickets
  3. Monique Laas 8 wickets
  4. Song Siepker 7 wickets
  5. Ané Boshoff 6 wickets

Pool B
Leading run scores

  1. Kayleen Green 219 runs
  2. Yasmeen Khan 169
  3. Mekelanye Mwatile 158 runs
  4. Adri van der Merwe 148 runs
  5. Wilka Mwatile 143 runs

Leading wicket takers

  1. Irené van Zyl 8 wickets
  2. Merica Rabie 7 wickets
  3. Didi Foerster 6 wickets
  4. Mercerly Gorases 6 wickets
  5. Kaylee van Wyk 6 wickets

Best all rounder pool A
Alice Kaukungwa

Best all rounder pool B
Kayleen Green

Winner of group A
Zebras 2

Winner of group B
Zebras 1

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