U19 National Team Capping

The U19 National Team held its Capping ceremony on Friday evening, preparing them for the ICC Africa Qualifiers taking place in Windhoek from the 17th – 23rd March 2019.

Countries that will compete against Namibia in the Qualifiers are Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. The Namibian team is captained by Divan la Cock and the vice-captain is Victor Van der Watt, coached by Dee Thakur, assisted by Gareth Cloete and managed by Lauritz Haccou.

The whole Capping ceremony was a highlight and the experience was special and memorable for the players as they donned the caps and wore it with pride and dignity. The event was made even more special for the team as they received messages from younger cricketers that look up to them to wish them luck on their big event.

The President of Cricket Namibia, Dr. Rudie Van Vuuren addressed the players about the importance of sportsmanship and subscribing to the Code of Conduct of Cricket Namibia. ‘It is vital to play as a team and not as an individual for us to qualify at the Qualifiers’. He also stressed that the vision is to make cricket professional in Namibia and for it to be a career opportunity regardless of race, culture or sex.

Mr. Simataa Freddy Mwiya, Chief Administrator of the National Sports Commission stated that other countries are coming here for a purpose to win, so perseverance is important as we need to come out victorious at the end.

Well done to our U19 National Team and we wish them well for the Qualifiers. “Let us show them why we are called The Land of the Brave”.


Prepared by Natalia Nauyoma

Cricket Namibia

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