The Annual PLAYTIME & Cricket Namibia Tournament – Walvis Bay

PLAYTIME in association with Cricket Namibia recently hosted a U/15 8 aside cricket tournament. The tournament is hosted annually in Kuisebmond with the motto of promoting cricket in Kuisebmond and the coast at large.

The tournament consists of four teams the RED BULLS, BLUE BULLS, YELLOWS and the ALL BLACKS. Every year there are coaches allocated to teams for the tournament. Playtime is there to make sure that all players get the equal opportunity to play, as the bye laws consitutes. Tournament rules to play by:

  • 5 over’s per innings
  • Bowler may only bowl 1 over
  • Batsman retire on 20 runs
  • Batsman may not bat in the top 3 in 2 consecutive games.
  • Batsman batting in the top 3 may not bowl within the first 3overs of the second innings.

From and organisers point of view, it is the a good tournament to expose Junior coaches and the player to an atmosphere filled with pressure. It was also good to develop and to have the quantity we have but quality players is also very important is needed and our U/15’s got it all.


1st place: Red

2nd place: Blue

3rd place: Yellow

4th place: Black


‘Men of match’ per games:

 Game 1:               Black: Graham Cilliers

Blue: Junior Kariata

Game 2:               Red: Eddison Nghiyalwa

Yellow: GP Greeff

Game 3:               Blue: Hilalius Amunyela

Yellow: Markus Haihambo

Game 4:               Red: Simon Shikongo

Black: Graham Cilliers

Game 5:               Black: Saima Tuhadeleni

Yellow: GP Greeff

Game 6:               Blue: Anne-Dina Amunyela

Red: Tandako Gorases

Game 7:               Black: Saima Tuhadeleni

Blue: Levi Kamuhanga

Game 8:               Yellow: Markus Haihambo

Red: Allastair Gurirab

Game 9:               Red: Vincent Murapo

Blue: Constancia Kauripeke

Game 10:             Yellow: William Lottering

Black: Addo Iita

Game 11:             Red: Vincent Murapo

Black: Jeremia Shilongo

Game 12:             Yellow: Deon de Klerk

Blue: Constancia Kauripeke

Semi 1:                 No Man of match awards given

Semi 2:                 No Man of match awards given

Final 1:                  Yellow: GP Greeff

Black: Lukas Machai aka (SLASH)

Final 2:                  Red: Tandako Gorases

Blue: Constancia Kauripeke

Individual awards:

Female bowler of the tournament: Constancia Kauripeke

Bowler of the tournament: Saima Tuhadeleni

Female batsmen of the tournament: Tandako Gorases

Batsmen of the tournament: Addo Iita

Female player of the tournament: Tandako Gorases

Male player of the tournament: Graham Cilliers

Coach of the tournament: Scott Winborn


Winning team: Red (Red Bulls!!!!!)

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