Spur T-20 Cup updated log standing

Week 5: The social league is still going strong and pushing forward to the finals. This coastal league seems to attract so much hype from the participants and spectators.

To share a bit of light, this is the 8th Edition of the successful T20 league.  The Spur T20 CUP is once again be hosted by JCCA under leadership of Chairman Riaan Lottering and Organizer Nolene Winborn.  Dr. Fourie representing Spur  shared his view on how important the event has become for the coast, and that Hickory Creek Spur Walvis Bay is fully committed to ensure the well being of Cricket in the Community.  Spur also indicated that their investment in the game of Cricket will be to improve and assist taking the game to the youth as part of their future plans.

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