Press Release – Franchise T20 2018

                                                   Franchise T20 2018

Cricket Namibia would like to announce the 2nd Edition of the Franchise T20 2018. The tournament will commence on the 29th of September 2018 in Windhoek.

This tournament is structured and organised in a way that the sponsors of the tournament have a more ‘hands on’ approach in the running of the tournament, each sponsor is assigned a team that they should manage. The are four teams namely Hawks, Leopards, Warthogs and Bulldogs respectively. In the first edition of this tournament was called “Nam Auto Car Windhoek Franchise T20” but has since changed to “Franchise T20”, the tournament was last held in 2017 in Windhoek. The tournament was considered to have been a great success by organisers and participants.

With this year marking the second edition of the tournament and is said to be a “game changer”. As with the first edition, the 2nd Edition will also consist of players from the premier league and national team players with a new addition of the U19 players. This year the tournament will be used as a tool for the U19s to get as much play time and exposure as possible in preparations for the 2019 World Cup Qualifiers.

There will be a draft for team selection that will be held on:

Date:  14th September 2018

Venue:  Cricket Namibia Board room (7 Newton street)

Time: 18h15-19h30


Round 1
29-Sep-18 Wanderers WAP
09h00 Warthogs vs Hawks Bulldogs vs Leopards
13h30 Bulldogs vs Warthogs Hawks vs Leopards
30-Sep-18 09h00 Leopards vs Warthogs Bulldogs vs Hawks
Bulldogs vs Leopards Warthogs vs Hawks
Round 2
20-Oct-18 09h00 Hawks vs Leopards Bulldogs vs Warthogs
13h30 Bulldogs vs Hawks Leopards vs Warthogs
21-Oct-18 09h00 2nd vs 3rd

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