Outjo Girls Talent Scouting Camp

Outjo Cricket hosted a successful girls training camp/talent scouting over the weekend, the talent scouting was aim at promoting cricket amongst the young girls, scouting their talents and exposing them to high-level cricket. The camp which was attended by over 22 girls from the ages of 10/17 years was conducted by the National Women’s Team coach Leonard Nhamburo.

The Training which focused on key aspects of cricket such as batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fitness ended on a very high note. The women’s coach also motivated the girls to believe in their talents, work hard and one day play for the National Women’s team. The coach was also satisfied by the passion, dedication and discipline of the girls and concluded that there is a bright future for girls cricket in Outjo and Namibia at large.

We would like to thank each and everyone who was involved in the girl’s camp including the Outjo Municipality for granting the grounds to host the two-day event successfully.


Prepared by Wilhelm Tuhafeni

Development Officer Outjo

Tel: +264 81 8824169

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