No child should grow up alone

That is the motto that touched our hearts, no child is to be blamed for any miss fortunes suffered by their parents. As the saying goes it takes a whole village to raise a child, are you included? Well we are!

In the spirit of giving back Cricket Namibia in association with SOS Children’s Village Namibia would like to present the Market Day fundraiser event, aimed to raising funds for the children’s village nationwide. The economic crisis that was experienced affected international donors and SOS Children’s Village felt it, with the decrease in funding action was taken to raise more. The SOS Children’s Village – Market Day, and we were ready to help. Become part of the movement of giving back, anything given with love, will bring a smile to a child’s face.

With that said we felt that it is only fair that we give back and that is what we have done, will you join us?


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