National School Week

Cricket Namibia is pleased to host the second annual National School Week. The aim of the tournament is aimed to give the Namibian child an opportunity to play cricket, and it is our vision to implement a structure that allows equal opportunity, a structure that will be fair to all players, and transparent to all stakeholders.

We are pleased and fortunate to still have APS and XCO be part of this journey with Cricket Namibia especially during these uncertain times. The National School Week will be hosted from the 8th to the 11th of December in Windhoek and in Swakopmund.

The u11 and u13 players will be hosted in Swakopmund at The Dome and at Pro-Ed Academy, while the u15 and u17 players will clash out in Windhoek at CCD, Doc Jubber, WAP and United.

Considering the vast distances, amount, and quality of exposure of our school players; our trial structures also aim to create more opportunities to participate in competitive games while not neglecting any player irrespective of geography and therefore the National Week was established.

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