National APS Sixes

Cricket Namibia has a vision to incorporate youth programs to ensure that the Namibian youth have access to the game in different environments, and at different periods of the year.

The National APS Sixes is a competition created in 2020 to provide access of the game to the Namibian child and to promote the game of cricket in our local communities. The APS Sixes Regional Play-offs commenced on the 7th of September with the U11 – U16’s from different regional schools competing to progress through to the National APS Sixes Final scheduled to be hosted in Windhoek on the 1st of October.

The format of six players in a team, playing eight overs aside and the game finishing within an hour has an advantage of teams playing more games on a day. Players are actively involved throughout the game and receive equal opportunity leading to a fun cricket game.

Cricket Namibia CEO Johan Muller says that the competition was created with the assistance of Africa Personnel Services (APS) with the primary aim of attracting more players and schools into the game. “This gives an opportunity to smaller schools to enter a team due to the low number of players required to fill a team.”

Muller further adds, “this competition forms part of our strategic plan to attract more schools and players into the game. We are fortunate to partner with APS in this competition, APS’ involvement enables us to facilitate additional structures and competitions and allow us to grow cricket participation around the country.”

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