Namibia in Excitement to Host the ICC Men’s World Cup in 2027

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced on Monday, 16th of November that Namibia will co-host the ICC Men’s World Cup in 2027, together with neighbouring South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This will be the first time in history for Namibia to host a major event such as a World Cup, and is even more exciting for the country to experience competitive cricket with some of the best in the world on Namibian soil. Staging a World Cup is a massive step towards the growth and development of cricket and thus cricket in Namibia will never be the same again.

Johan Muller, Cricket Namibia CEO, “Co-hosting the 2027, 50-Over World Cup is an extraordinary privilege. Not many associate member countries receive this opportunity. We are extremely grateful towards CSA for including us in their bid.”

“Hosting this event will provide Namibians the opportunity to see some of the best teams in the world in action in our back yard. After the success of our men’s team at the recent T20 world cup and the success of our Capricorn Eagles, this is just another reason for Cricket Namibia to further commit to the growth and development of young talent in our country.”

“I have to mention the support we received from Patricia Kambarami, ICC representative for Africa, for her role in motivating Namibia as a potential host. I must also honour John Heynes, Operations Manager, for ensuring that all documents and information were submitted factual and on-time.”

“Key role players in the country must now have commit to create high quality infrastructure to host events of this magnitude.”

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