Spur T-20 Cup Namibia: 2017

Hickory Creek Spur T20 SCL

The Annual T20 Coastal Social Cricket League came to life in 2010 and was organized by John Heynes, founder of JCCA, previously known as JCCS and Gavin Brasler EBH representative.  EBH played an instrumental role from 2010 to 2016 as the founding sponsor of the previously called EBH T20 Social Cricket Leagues.  Spur Walvis Bay well know as Hickory Creek Spur, will be taking over as main sponsor of the well established T20 League as of from 2017.  Spur Walvis Bay confirmed their commitment toward developing the game of Cricket in the Community for the community.

The 8th Edition of the successful T20 league  will be taking on a Name change and Management crew.  The Spur T20 CUP will once again be hosted by JCCA under leadership of Chairman Riaan Lottering and Organizer Nolene Winborn.  Dr. Fourie representing Spur  shared his view on how important the event has become for the coast, and that Hickory Creek Spur Walvis Bay is fully committed to ensure the well being of Cricket in the Community.  Spur also indicated that their investment in the game of Cricket will be to improve and assist taking the game to the youth as part of their future plans.

Twelve Teams will be participating in the 2017 Spur T20 Cup f

Group A:

  1. Koh-E-Noor : Windhoek based team 1st year participants
  2. NRSA (Namibian Radio Services Agency), 1st year of sponsoring, previously know as the Magic team up to 2016;
  3. Spur,  previously known as Medics/Spur … the doctors can really hit a ball hard!;
  4. MSK, (Ma se kinners), 2016 winners of best team spirit, 2nd year participating;
  5. The Parentals, a team made up of parents of young cricketers, 1st year participating;
  6. Swakop Strikers, 2016 winners of the league, a team to watch out for.

Group B:

  1. WCA, (West Coast Alluminium), previously known as Spartans, also a strong team to watch out for;
  2. Spur Development Team, A group of young players from Kuisebmond Narraville.
  3. Belmet Girls, previously known as Namsov Girls, young girls team based in Kuisebmond.
  4. FPRW, (Fuel Pump Repair Warriors), 2nd year participating, 2016 winners of the 5 Overs 8-a-side tournament, a team to watch out for;
  5. Pro Ed, this is a school team, also youngsters, 1st year participating;
  6. PPS Knights, this team is made up of various players who played in different social teams previously, who decided to make up their own team. 1st year participating as a new team.


The Social League kicks off with a 5 over 8-a-side tournament, the Event took place on 20 June 2017 and will continue up to the 25 June 2017.



                                                   Spur T20 Cup Namibia: 2017 log standing
Team Played Won Drw Lost W/O Points Bat Pnts Bowl Pnts Additional Bonus Points Total
1 NRSA 2 2 22 18 16 4 59
2 PPS Knights 2 2 22 14 12 2 50
3 FPRW 2 2 22 16 10 0 48
4 Swk Strikers 2 1 1 11 10 9 2 32
5 WCA 1 1 11 10 9 2 32
6 Pro Ed 2 2 4 11 12 4 31
7 Belmet Girls 1 1 2 2 9 1 14
8 Spur Develop 2 2 4 1 8 1 14
9 The Parentals 2 2 4 2 4 2 12
10 Koh-e-Noor 0       0
11 Spur 0       0
12 MSK 0       0


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