King Price Reveal Full Playing Kit

King Price Insurance is a Namibian short-term insurer that opened its doors in Namibia in 2016.

After 4 years since launch we have more than 11,000 clients countrywide and over 90 Namibian employees at our 6 branches countrywide that`s waiting to assist you with cheaper insurance. Our first priority is to fearlessly disrupt the Namibian insurance market to the benefit of the consumer.

Our focus from day 1 at King Price was to declare war on high premiums and sluggish service. It`s our dream to supply every Namibian and Namibian business with a cheaper insurance premium and royal service by Namibians in Namibia.

King Price Q & A session with Cricket Namibia as King Price revealed their full playing kit.

Q: What has been your experience in the Franchise T20?

Being part of this event the past few years has been nothing short of pure enjoyment and gees!! As a sponsor we are truly happy to be part of the event and look forward to many more events like this with cricket Namibia.

Q: What are your expectations for this year’s event?

We always go for Gold so the expectations will always be high when competing in tournaments like this but at the end of the day all we would like to see is that the guys have fun playing the game they love.

Q: Does the Franchise T20 improve the quality of Namibian Cricket?

We definitely believe that these type of tournaments improve and develops cricket in our country by allowing players to get involved in teams they might have never gotten involved with before. Young players also have the opportunity to play with senior international players to learn from them and hopefully get inspired to achieve their own national success.

Q: Should the 50 over format also be introduced at Franchise level?

Our personal opinion is to stick to the thrilling and exiting T20 format as is. It just creates a different atmosphere for both players and spectators.

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