Division Winners – Hunters Edge Cricket League

The passed weekend cricket Namibia in association with Hunters Edge, have hosted the 1st and 2nd division finals this past weekend.The matches both took place on Saturday, the 10 March 2018.

In the 1st division (40 overs) was WHS Vintage vs Wanaderers 2, right here in Windhoek at the Wanderers cricket field. The day was filled with interesting plays from both sides which lead to WHS Vintage’s victory over Wanderers 2. WHS Vintage won by 101 runs and the team recons it was done with no practise, the team is proud of their achievement. With the name ending in Vintage, one cant help but start imaging a group of unfit, well fed and well-aged blokes trying to score runs. It was interesting to watch!

In the 2nd division (30 overs) saw Outjo’s Northern Leopards vs Otjiwanrongo’s Tornado’s in Outjo. the match started early and Outjo took full advantage of their home ground advantage. Outjo won by 4 wickets.


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