Cricket Namibia Named ICC Associate Member Men’s of the Year

Cricket Namibia is pleased to be recognized by the International Cricket Council as the ICC Associate Member Men’s Performance of the Year.

Cricket Namibia President, Dr. Rudie Van Vuuren says that it is good timing for Namibia to receive good news at a time like this. “We created a better culture where we have a fantastic Coach, great CEO, good administrators and that resulted in being the performance of the year.”

2019 was a roller-coaster year for Cricket Namibia with lots of competitive cricket and rewards, so this achievement has been a cherry on the cake, not only for Cricket Namibia, but for Namibia as well.

This performance was competed for among 92 Associate Members and Cricket Namibia, a small populated country is honored to take the title as Performance of the Year.

The support given by the board, coaching staff, sponsors, supporters, and the media has been amazing, and this led to being internationally recognized by the ICC.

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