Cricket Namibia Launches the National APS Sixes in partnership with APS

Cricket Namibia has a vision to incorporate several youth programs to ensure that our Namibian youth have access to the game in different environments, and different period of the year.

Cricket Namibia CEO, Johan Muller is positive with this initiative with APS. “Our vision is that every Namibian child has access to the game in various formats and that we bring cricket into the country through international tours and promote the game of cricket within our country.” The importance of playing more cricket games and Namibia being a low populated should not limit us, thus we need to develop products that are accustomed to our communities. 

Robert de Villiers, Managing Director of APS is keen to develop and expand the game of cricket in Namibia. “With all the achievements that Cricket Namibia has accomplished thus far, we need to create a larger pool of players to be more competitive at International and maintain a high standard.”

APS has been a loyal and passionate partner for CN, has been involved in different age groups through the APS Cricket Academy, and is essential that we invest in the future of the Namibian Youth.

APS share the same vision with CN, for cricket to provide a career opportunity for our young Namibian athletes. Robert further adds that cricket is an exciting game and that the youth should use this opportunity to explore cricket as a sport of choice.

The National APS Sixes is a concept that will introduce hardball cricket at the age of 10 and not 11 and to introduce a girls-only team. This competition will be played on a national level to expose and give opportunities to other cricket playing towns.

Diversifying and creating various cricket programs is essential for Cricket Namibia, that way more cricket games are played in different formats, structure, and leagues to accommodate every Namibian youth.

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