Cricket Namibia Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement

The brand Cricket Namibia takes pride in its values, and Excellence and Transparency are values that have carried Cricket Namibia to be a trusted and reliable corporate partner. Being a service-rendering national federation; consistent upskilling and benchmarking have become the need to enhance staff performance and improve efficiency.

Cricket Namibia management and staff commenced the year, 2023 on a positive note to benchmark some of the top performing companies in Namibia – Pupkewitz Toyota, Pupkewitz Motors Head office, Naankuse, Future Media, Torga Optical, and Africa Personnel Services.

The ultimate goal of benchmarking is continuous improvement, something all businesses should aim for. Comparing Cricket Namibia to other top companies helped us understand the importance of an open channel communication with our stakeholders including negative and positive feedback.

Stakeholder management is one of the important aspects of Cricket Namibia and shadowing highly respected companies during the benchmarking exercise, we were able to learn and gain tips from these companies and learned ways to apply them in our daily working environment to improve our services.

Understanding and adopting new technology is essential for organizations focusing on faster deliveries and enhanced user experience. It was great to see the functional systems put in place to improve efficiency in a team working environment and the understanding of individual roles. We witnessed the true definition of “teamwork makes the dream work!”

Cricket Namibia will continue to benchmark and measure ourselves against the best-performing organizations in Namibia to ensure we serve our stakeholders better.

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