Corporate Cricket Community

Building and maintaining relationships among stakeholders has been an important business aspect for
Cricket Namibia. Over the past three years, Cricket Namibia has established 28 relationships with various corporate entities, through sponsorships and barter agreements in different market sectors. We are excited to launch a Cricket Corporate Community concept that would benefit every entity in this partnership.

CEO, Johan Muller states “Cricket Namibia has been blessed by unbelievable support from the corporate
community of Namibia. Through the assistance of the established partnerships, we have managed to
achieve numerous successes, both on the field and in our development programs. We have always given
exposure value back to our partners through various platforms, but always felt that we can do more.
The Corporate Cricket Community is created to provide value back to our partners in the areas it matters
the most; business connections, partnerships, increased sales, increase market share, attraction of new
customers and ROI”. The Corporate Cricket Community has two components the Business2Business
and the Staff2Business programs.

Business2Business (B2B):
The B2B program aims at bringing the decision-makers of all our partners together on a regular basis.
Cricket Namibia becomes the connector between our corporate partners. This platform creates the
opportunity to build relationships, set up future business and formalise partnerships for mutual benefit.

Staff2Business (S2B):
The S2B program is specifically designed to benefit the staff of each of our commercial partners through
connecting them to our consumer orientated partners. All staff becomes members of the Corporate
Cricket Community through a membership card and receives a specific value from various partners,
when using their card to make a purchase. The benefit to the corporate partner is an increase in new
customers, increase in sales and ROI.

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