New Executive Selected at Cricket Namibia AGM

Cricket Namibia hosted a Club Forum and its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 13th June at Windhoek Country Club. The club forum was attended by Cricket Namibia Board members, office staff, and club representatives of which the Coastal Club representatives joined via Zoom, due to COVID-19 regulations in the Erongo Region.

Cricket Namibia recently announced its Financial profit in the past year which was led by the organization’s values; Excellence, Financial Discipline, Communication, Unity, and Transparency. Johan Muller outlined CN’s Five Pillar Strategic Focus’ which consisted of capacity building, commercial success, infrastructure development, participation, and administration.

The club forum consisted of progress of various programs in the past 6 months and focused on club 2020/2021 leagues, fixtures, and formats.

A total of ten mini-cricket courses were held in eight different towns, with about 130 attendants; eight ‘Introduction to Level One’ courses were held in six towns, with about 100 attendants; and one ‘ICC Level One’ course was held in Windhoek with 21 attendants.

CN upskilled its staff members by sending them to benchmark on various events. CN’s office staff, including Operational, Development and Marketing managers have been on benchmark courses in South Africa to upskill. CN also upskilled one of the groundsmen, and is now a roving groundsman that is massively reducing operational expenses of clubs.

CN installed eight insta pitches to schools in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Outjo, Swakopmund, Grootfontein and Keetmanshoop, while fields are being developed in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Keetmanshoop.

CN’s 2019 Financial statements were approved by the member at AGM, and based on the work efficiency of the current auditors, BDO has been reappointed as Cricket Namibia’s auditors for 2020.

The AGM concluded off with an election of the Executive Committee for 2020/2022. The new Executive Committee includes Daneel Van der Walt, Henno Prinsloo, Polly Negongo, Helga Volschenk, Rudie Van Vuuren, Trevor Britten, and CN Patron, Francois Erasmus.

Source: The Namibian Newspaper

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