BA Blasting Reveals 2021 Playing Kit

BA Drilling and Blasting is a company with an infinite quest to deliver professional Blasting, Drilling and Demolition services to the exact specification and expectations of a client.

Cricket Namibia had a Q&A Session with BA Blasting team owners in what is expected from their performances in the 2021 Richelieu Franchise T20 Competition.

Q: What has been your experience in the Franchise T20?

A: The 2020 Franchise tournament was our first year that we were involved in this tournament, and even though there was a long interruption between the first and second weekend, we still had a very positive experience. Our players were all 100% committed and formed a strong bond early in the tournament. We believe that the level at which you as owner commit to your players is the level of commitment and drive that you will receive back from your team.

Q: What are your expectations for this year’s event?

A: We expect some stiff competition, as the teams are of equal strength, and our National Players as well as U/19 players are all in top form. Both these groups of players are in preparation for big events, and we believe that the franchise tournament is a great platform as preparation for the National Players as well as the U/19’s to test their skills at the required level.

Q: Does the Franchise T20 improve the quality of Namibian Cricket?

A: Definitely. Less experienced players have the opportunity to play against National Players and aspire to compete on equal foot with the National Men. Younger players also have the opportunity to interact with their Eagles heroes off the field, and thereby hopefully inspiring them to practice diligently and always improve their game.

Q: Should the 50 over format also be introduced at Franchise level?

A: No. The T20 provides for some very exciting cricket, quick games and big shots being played. I think the success is in the fact that spectators can see highly exciting and very competitive cricket in a short period of time between 4 different teams.

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