Upcoming Domestic Tournaments

The Salt Refiners, APS U15 Tournament & Momentum Week are fast approching. And this is creating a lot of exciting commotion.

The Salt Refiners Tournament has been host every year in August for 20 years, this year will be no different. This tournament was previously also known as the Spur Week and the sponsorship was taken over by the Salt Refiners to be renamed to what we know now as the Salt Refiners Tournament.The tournament structure will be the  8x o/11 en 10x o/13 teams that will take place – Participants are from all over Namibia.

The APS U15 T20, day and Night Tournament to be held for the first time this year and we are very excited about this tournament coming to life.  We are thankful for the huge sponsorship that we have received from APS in support of this tournament and to make everything possible. We have taken our under o/15 players and have composed 4 teams from there. The official sponsorship handover will take place on Thursday the 24 August 2017 at 18h00, Dros (Beer Garden).  The tournament will commence in Friday the 25 August at 08h00 by United Trustco Sport Grounds (all the matches will take place there too). The Tournament will therefore end on Sunday 27 August at 14h00 after the prize giving. We wish the players luck and we hope that they are competitive and also to have fun.

The Momentum Week is a week long tournament that is still being sponsored and supported Momentum health insurance but there are also external entities that are contributing to this series such as parents . The annual momentum week is set to take off on the 28th  August 2017 to the 2 September 2017, this week will make use of the player’s that were chosen during the trail season in preparation for the tour season ahead during the festive season.slide2 slide1


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